Frequently asked questions

Are you open to the general public?

All classes, monthly open range day and ladies open range day events and special events are open to the general public. Attendees can RSVP and register for classes on the Events page. Those seeking memberships to the training center can find more details on the Programs page or contact us directly from the Contacts page.

How do I get a membership to the training center?

Our members are the key element of what we do. Joining is as easy as selecting a plan on the Programs page that works for you. Only the first installment along with a $25 application fee will be billed to your credit card after you accept the terms and conditions. Be sure to download, print and sign the new member application. Register / RSVP for a New Member Orientation class on the Events page and bring your signed application with you. At orientation, your application will be processed, your reoccurring bill pay will be setup and you will be issued a gate FOB. If you wish to setup your account on ACH bank draft, be sure to bring provide your banking information. Members will be given a tour of the facility, range safety brief and orientation of range rules, do's and do not's and privileges. Members receive a 25% discount on all classes, monthly open range days (ORD's) and ladies open range day (LORD's) and special events. Members can also host non-members and have their guest purchase a day pass on the Programs page for $25.00.

Where are you located?

The Secure America Now training center is located at 410 Nickerson Farms Road in Seguin, Texas. A map and link are on the Home page along with our contact information.

Can members bring non-members to the training center?

Non-members are welcome and day guest passes can be obtained by visiting the Programs page and purchasing a guest pass. Non-members must acknowledge the terms and conditions, safety rules, range rules and release of liability. Guests must be accompanied by their host member at all times.

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